Paseos por el Delta
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Gato Blanco



The Lujan River separates the city of Tigre from the islands.  On this river one can see the traditional rowing clubs, the “Puerto de Frutos” (Fruit Port), the “Parque de la Costa” (Amusement Park on the River Bank), the city council, the recently remodeled Cultural Center of Tigre (former Tigre Hotel), ship storage areas, and various shipyards.

As we cross the Carapachay River, we begin to enter the islands.  Here we will enjoy nature and observe the typical island houses built on stilts, for those living year round or for those who come for weekend visits.

The Angostura Stream is a small, shallow stream whose banks are filled with vegetation and a variety of trees.

On the Espera Stream you will see Plantain, Casaurinas, Pine, Palm and Willow trees, along with other types, in the legendary Noel Estate.  You will also see a small, beautiful chapel, a school that was founded 110 years ago, and 2 private bungalow complexes.

The Sarmiento River is one of the most frequently traveled rivers in the delta.  On its banks we will discover captivating vegetation;the Museum House of Domingo F. Sarmiento, the historic home of the ex-President that today functions as a museum and library, both of which can be visited; small hotels; cabins for rent; restaurants; private clubs; parks; bakeries and general stores; and an elementary school, high school, and nursery for the children that live in the area.

The San Antonio is a wide and very deep river.  It is the center of nautical sports, authorized by the Argentine Naval Command.  Here one can find waterski and wakeboard schools, beach hangouts, and restaurants.  From the rivermouth of Rio de la Plata we can see the cities of Buenos Aires and San Isidro, with the prominent Cathedral Tower of San Isidro.

The Capitán River is wide and fairly deep.  It carries us as far as the “Paraná de las Palmas” and offers an excellent view of its magnificent scenery.  On its banks we will find typical island restaurants that serve homemade dishes, as well as an exquisite, international-quality restaurant.

The majestic and mighty river, Paraná de las Palmas, with its rugged, sparsely populated shores, offers us a view of its immensity.  Here we will encounter the transit of the large grain and port-container ships which transport the majority of exports out of Argentina.

The Rama Chica Stream is very small and quite shallow.  It gives us a unique sensation as we travel below its leafy vegetation, and here we can hear the calls of a variety of birds.

The stream Rama Negra gives us an excellent view of its impeccible buildings, plus a traditional German restaurant and a bungalow complex.

On the route through the small, shallow Gambado Stream, one can observe the housing of the islanders who are the most in contact with life on the mainland.  As it is only separated from the mainland by the Lujan River, it is travelled intensively by canoe, rowboat, and small motorboats.